Alexej Meschtschanow, Buffet, 2004

December 2010 to 29 January 2011 – The Kunstsaelen Berlin
The Berlin KUNSTSAELE is pleased to present the new exhibition series VISITING imagine. ” Regularly selected intervals in future collections will be presented. The first of these exhibitions of works from the collection Majerus (Luxembourg). Works by Tim Berrios, Sven Johne, Alicja Kwade, Alexei Meschtschanow, Lasse Schmidt Hansen provide an insight into a young and exciting collection.

So it goes about the work of Tim Berrios not about just beauty. For the artist is looking at a picture rather the state of discomfort is essential. In his manipulated photographs are surreal worlds, such as in “RGB (Question Mark) Photo I” or “Louisiana (Blonde) Photo I,” which are part of the show. The individual, partly figurative elements are incorporated into the picture plane like a collage of photography and to escape any specific geometric shape. Rather, it is striking spatial compositions which are interwoven with Berrios to a very personal visual language.

The exceptional atmosphere is continued in the presented video work “Tears of the Eyewitness” by Sven Johne. It shows an interviewer in euphoric empathy, is his opposite, however, no room for the unfolding of memories. Powerlessness is reflected in the facial expressions of the respondents – an experience of helplessness in an asymmetric communication.

A significant fraction of the usual perception is taking the artist Alicja Kwade in their works. In the transformation of industrial products upfront almost absurd forms of image reception. When considering “352.35 kg until the beginning” and “background noise” one is exposed to the complete dysfunction of the displayed objects. Here, experience and expectations of the viewer and tested as a missing piece of the puzzle you must find its function in the subject-object relationship.

Similarly,the “sculpture at the buffet,” by Alexei Meschtschanow, defies superficial interpretation and focuses on the versatility of a supposedly unique statement. Due to its curved steel legs renounced the same object to the unique social terms – a traditional sideboard to be.

Deviations from the norm, as familiar and everyday objects play in the work of Danish artist Lasse Schmidt Hansen a more decisive role. He deals with inaccuracies, and contingency and standardization lead to specific differences. “Untitled (Grey)” and “Put in your eyes” view of Schmidt Hansen’s interest in unconventional operations in reality.

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