Toguo, "Road to Exile," 2007. Installation: wood, cloth and bottles vokda. Dimensions variable. Courtesy MAM Mario Mauron Contemporary Art Vienna & Salzburg. © ADAGP, November 2010.

Until April 17 2011 – Musee d’Art Moderne de St. Etienne

Thematic group exhibition (35 international artists)
The exhibition “Islands never found” wants to show, through the works of 35 international artists (Japan, USA, Germany, Italy, France, Greece, Cyprus, Morocco …) and shared a common sensibility, oriented towards the pursuit of authenticity, in a complex sociological and anthropological context.

Without denying or refusing to see reality as it surrounds us, the artists exhibited are all trying to uncover more than just creativity, full of visions, rerouting and poetry. The artist is sometimes contradictory, self-destructive and tormented in the excess and fantasy, full of insatiable curiosity. It creates new values, new languages, new signs and metaphors, and generates new connections, and offers new contexts and cultural and mental systems.

The “Islands never found” are areas of special creation, unique and individual in which each artist defines and clearly communicates its own approach, its own language and symbol system, its own ideological vision, philosophy, aesthetics and history of the world. The life and work of artists can also be understood in the metaphorical quest for “the island”, “their place”, “their land”. All inventions organizational forms, languages, visual signals and new personal accounts are the land of empathy and imagination that present themselves as islands.

In this sense,  the artwork looks like a long and eternal journey through which artists, following their own star, continually discovering new islands and new continents and new worlds – conquer new territories, develop and occupy new areas by their methods and abilities.  This eternal journey is an account at once dramatic, poetic and picturesque, a conflict of hope and disappointment, loss and discoveries, work, pleasure and joy, but also destruction lapse, anger, sadness, loneliness and self-denial, reason and irrationality, madness and obsession.

Above all, the exhibition “Islands never found” is  a tribute to those artists capable of creating new situations and new territories  , like the islands of the vast oceans, simultaneously evoking the asylum and prison, home and Hell, the release and dissolution.
Marina Abramovic (Serbia), Alice Aycock (USA), Marina Bolla (Italy) Louise Bourgeois, (USA) Yves Bresson (France), Tony Cragg (Great Britain), Danica Dakic (Bosnia) Latifa ECHAKCH (Morocco), Jan Fabre (Belgium), Hans Peter Feldmann (Germany), Gloria Friedmann, (Germany / France) , Carlos GARAICOA (Cuba), GILBERT & GEORGE (UK) Siobhan HAPASKA, (Great Britain) Rebecca HORN (Germany) , Ilya Kabakov (Russia), Anselm Kiefer (Germany) , Kimsooja (Korea / USA), Jannis KOUNELLIS (Greece / Italy), Maria Loizidou (Cyprus), Richard Long (Great Britain) , Natsuyuki NAKANISHI (Japan), Nannucci Maurizio ( Italy ), Luigi ONTANI ( Italy ) , Dennis Oppenheim (USA) , Orlan (France), Michelangelo PISTOLETTO ( Italy ) , Lucas Samaras (Greece / USA), Toguo (Cameroon / France) , TSIVOPOULOS Stefanos (Greece), Costas TSOCLIS (Greece) , Mamoru TSUKADA (Japan, lives in Berlin), Günther Uecker (Germany), Lois Weinberger (Austria) and Dimitirs XONOGLOU (Greece).

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