So Faraway 1972 Acrylique sur toile 92 x 73 cm © Ivan Messac & Mazel Galerie

17 septembre au 9 octobre 2010 – Mazel Galerie

The Seventies, were a time of cultural, social and inter-génération war. Political painting was the reality of this time. And yet, Ivan Messac get away from it with series like “the polychrome children” or “the noble art” but without never moving away completely. The sport, the music, the pleasure in general has also always been omnipresent in its painting, illustrating a changing Society which while evolving was transformed little by little into a Society of the leisures where the individual avoid more and more its responsibilities and  duties. One of his work , acrylic resin on paper in 1972, called «la société des loisirs»  represent a couple in bathing suit, with a great “carefree” smile framed by monochromic verticals evoking the test card of a television set. All the series of works present at this exhibition, “Narration (S), but painting first of all”, illustrate the evolution of the artist, who detached himself from the politic to the profit of the music, television or the cinema, while preserving the same esthetics as that of the Seventies. Be-bop and Boogie, Adam and Eve, My Generation, and Crazy legs represent this Society of leisures told by Ivan Messac.

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