Jason Shawn Alexander - In Progress 60x72 in. oil on canvas 2011

Until Feb. 8th, 2012 – 101/exhibit

New works by Jason Shawn Alexander, the Los Angeles-based Expressionist figurative painter. The show coincides with the publication of a book, also called Undertow.
The new works come at a time of great success for the 35-year old artist. “His confidence as a figurative painter is allowing more of the process to show in his work,” said Schaffer (owner of 101/exhibit). An expert draftsman, Alexander has developed a method for mounting paper to canvas, which enables him to use his inks at the idea’s inception. He draws with fluidity and an energy he has long sought to bring to his paintings. The ink serving as a gestural skeleton, the artist then uses models to help pull out realism and sculpt the flesh of his pieces. His intimate works penetrate to the core of human integrity, often depicting images of figures wrenched in that critical space where the strained coordination of mind, body, and spirit, hangs in the balance of existential woe.

35-year old Jason Shawn Alexander’s career started when his self-published illustrations caught the attention of mainstream and independent comic book publishers. Alexander worked for years as a draftsman for Marvel, “I am very pleased to present Jason’s third exhibition at 101/exhibit,” said 33-year old Sloan Schaffer, who gave the artist his first solo show in 2009, the same year he opened his gallery. “His masterfully rich figures inhabit settings that, at times, evoke the stillness of theater. “These paintings offer the viewer a glimpse of private moments, captured in the wake of a great receding void,” said Schaffer. “With his intense personal narrative combined with overtones of allegory, the paintings are imbued with an essential human drama that is his signature quality.”
His friendship with renowned painter Kent Williams found the two sharing a studio for a time, painting side by side. Today, he has worked his way to prominence as an authentic leading voice among young contemporary American figurative painters.

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