Jimmy De Bock, Pompidou Center (summer)2011 - Photo printing under diasec - 65 x 152 cm (edition of 5 ) - 90 x 210 cm (edition of 2) - 128 x 300 cm (unique edition) - © Jimmy De Bock & Mazel Galerie

From February 3 to March 10, 2012 – Mazel Galerie

Born in 1975. Jimmy De Bock live and work in Brussels.
“It sometimes seems our eyes are shut to the simple beauties that surround us. Our daily life, our daily movements absorbe our attention away from our environment…
…it is about reconnecting your soul to what you forgot was there. It is about opening your eyes for the first time… again. eMotions is about us.”
Art has always been part of my family. Grand-parents painters, uncles graphic designers, father printer and very fond of photography. I have myself worked in my father’s printing factory from 1990 until 2000 as a graphic designer.

Photography came to my attention in 1994 in the United States.
A blessed year since, as the present prooves, it had a major impact on my life. I got to learn the basics of photogrpahy. I worked with a basic SLR camera, I made my own rolls of film, developed them, spent hours in the dark room.

I majored in Business in 2000 (Solvay Business School, ULB, Brussels). In the meantime, between 1996 and 2004 I traveled mainly in South America and Asia. Each year brought its load of learning until I finally realized I was destined to grow as an artist…

Bruno Timmermans, Eastwood+, Photo printing under diasec, 150 x 150 cm, 2011

Bruno Timmermans
, born in Brussels in 1977, finds its calling in 1995 in Saint-Luc (Brussels) Art of the image and then continues at La Cambre studying silkscreen from 1999 to 2005.
Professional photographer, the artist throughout the years refined its style and perfected his techniques. His world view as well as his aesthetic gaze result in an image processing very singular, giving his works a special sublimation of the subject.
Bruno Timmermans’ works combine respect and embellishment whilst preserving the original purity of the “Papous”. He uses sophisticated techniques to further enhance the creative ornaments and detailed markings of the tribes. PapouArt is a genuine crossing between primal and contemporary art.

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