Valentine fur die kleine frau (red property line with gold easement and multi-tool) 2011, mixed media, 63x76x3"

From December 30, 2011 to February 2, 2012 – 212Gallery

Exhibition In Honor of the Occupation of Wall Street. Lieberman’s work draws on a vast range of subjects and materials from Brecht to ‘Sports Illustrated’ and macaroni collage.
Born in 1977 in Miami (Florida). The loss of his right eye at the age of two, rings the beginning of a tough upbringing with heroin addition, acute schizophrenia, a four year probation sentence for burning a building and a few months of community service. Still he enrolls and graduates with a BFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston (MA) and, in 2004, finishes his MFA at Yale University in New Haven (CT) all in sculpture. Since he has exhibited often and all around the world in galleries in Great Britain, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Los Angeles and New York. His oeuvre is composed of an eclectic mix of mediums, formats and techniques, everything from collages, sculptures, paintings to installations and digital art; works that can be linked only in that they were assembled and chosen by the artist. In a way his pieces all seem to constitute little clips of his tumultuously sincere and emotionally disorganized radical interior world.

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