Lærke Lauta Floating Female (video still), 2009–10 Five-channel video installation with sound

Jan 19–Mar 13, 2011 – Mills College Art Museum

Lærke Lauta is a Danish artist whose video installations have grown more lyrical and more technologically complex over time.
Floating Female is a new five-channel project that maps internal and external states of consciousness. Lauta’s video installations draw from a northern European tradition that ascribes romantic, spiritual, and enigmatic qualities to the natural landscape. Lauta’s works are characterized by an undertone of unresolved suspense, the latent fear of a fatal event that is not directly revealed. The artist’s camera does not present a decisive moment but functions instead as an instrument of premonition and doubt. Austere light, a lush palette, and evocative sound combine in Lauta’s work to create liminal spaces that linger in memory.
Floating Female was commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego and curated by Dr. Robin Clark, curator, MCASD.

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