October 19th to November 6th 2010 – Gallery Gora – Downtown Montreal
Ray Lengelé, belgo-canadian artist, painter and illustrator, born in the Belgian Congo, Africa. Graduated from the Academy of Arts in Brussels.
Enjoyed a successful career as a commercial artist, winning several awards. Presently lives and works now in Montreal, Canada, as an independent artist. For many years he was exploring different techniques and new mediums like digital software. Nowadays, he concentrates his activities on acrylic painting and illustration in their most caricatured sense.
Took part in many publications, advertisements and packaging all over Europe and North America before beginning painting his own work. He makes each painting as an intimate, humorous and instinctive experience, in a never-ending search to encounter the unknown.
Ray’s painting is usually characterized as modern, ironic, funny and witty with a very original style.
Although he is starting out in acrylic painting, he is using his vast experience from many disciplines in graphic art to his advantage.

Bélanger is an architect who has been developing his practice in the region of Quebec since 1980. He obtained his Masters in Architecture, along with his Doctorate in Geography from the University of Laval. Bélanger has taught “Architectural Composition” and practical training in the Architectural School of the University of Laval. His pictoral practice has a direct link to his concept of “architecture as organization of living space”. For him, each canvas is a field of exploration of spatial distribution, used to experiment and to illustrate the principles of architectural morphology: the relationships between form/structure, chance/necessity and object/context. In this way, figurative and abstract art are not excluded, but are complementary to the illustration of the concepts of pictoral composition.

Carey – With each new oeuvre I rediscover the joy of beauty and creation. My curiosity about life has led me, in art, to experiment with many methods of plastic expression. But whether I´m working in oil, sculpture or print, it´s all a way of sharing my zest for life, of capturing the instant. Matisse, who has been a major influence in my work, said that a great modern conquest has been the secret of expression through colour. It is precisely this secret that I use with oils, combining my intuition, quick strokes and my transgression of the limits of drawing to achieve expressivity in my paintings. The subject matter of my work is inspired by my passion for beauty, and shaped by my imagination and personal experiences. This can be seen in the series “The Piano Tuner”, which takes us on an exotic journey; in “Ibiza”, where the luminosity and atmosphere are more important than the figures, which are more essence than substance; or in “Marrakech”, where the atmosphere of jostling and haggling demand that the viewer pause and observe. Jazz is a spontaneous artistic expression. My love of music has enabled me to capture the movement and the atmosphere in oil as well as in sculpture: my metal musicians emerge from a long mould-making process spontaneously alive and immediate, their motion eternally ´of the moment´. In my portraits I want to reflect a person rather than a realistic likeness. This I achieve through expression and gesture both in oil and with printing techniques. I started printing because I see it as a medium which allows me to always keep my work while sharing it with others again and again! I enjoy the discipline of printing and it has helped me to synthesize my work; again, the long process of making the plates doesnâ??t stop me seizing the instant. Each day is filled with moments; each moment reveals its individual flavour and texture, its unique beauty and delight. This constant journey of discovery and rediscovery offers me fresh inspiration to contrive and to share.

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