Linda Celestian - Spilling Over, 2011 Oil on Canvas, 24" x 24"

Feb 2, 2011 to Feb 27, 2011 – Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts – Helizabeth Denison Hatch Gallery

Linda Celestian’s recent paintings are an exploration of the traits, behaviors and qualities of water. Linda is interested in portraying the energy and life force of nature to elicit an emotional response. She is inspired as much by aerial photography, as by personal observations of the ocean, lakes of her childhood, and the creek in her neighborhood.

Her paintings are made with thinned down oil paint poured on primed canvas, which is allowed to run and make patterns similar to waterways. There is a correlation between these imaginary waterways and our own circulatory system illustrating the connection between earth and mankind.

“Nature is my inspiration but I am interested in using it to communicate universal life experiences and not just depicting what I see around me. I study nature until it becomes a part of my language when I paint, and I continue to expand my means of manipulating the paint by experimenting with pouring and ragging, and exploring new mediums such as felting and encaustic painting.”

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