Museum of Fine Arts, Houston – Until the 18th of July
Liquid Lines: Exploring the Language of Contemporary Metal
Artists have utilized metal in their creative endeavors for centuries. The material has an extraordinary ability to simultaneously convey fluidity and solidity, as well as stasis and motion. In recent decades, contemporary artists have investigated new ways to manipulate metal into expressive compositions, resulting in elegant and dynamic objects.

Liquid Lines surveys the innovative range of metal art in the MFAH collections. Furniture, jewelry, hollowware, and sculpture highlight the optical and flowing properties of metal achieved through techniques such as casting, constructing, forging, and hand-raising.

The exhibition includes work by international artists, craftsmen, and designers such as Ron Arad, Chunghi Choo, Georg Dobler, Arline Fisch, Gego, Joseph Havel, Bruce Metcalf, Albert Paley, Hiroshi Suzuki, Tone Vigeland, and Jonathan Wahl.

As a complement to Liquid Lines, which is located in the Alice Pratt Brown Gallery of the Law Building, a display of historic and contemporary mourning jewelry is on view in the gallery´s anteroom.

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