Until January 24th 2011 – Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon

Originally from Lyon, Cretey chose to settle in Rome in the early 1660s, where the greatest masters of European painting come to study the antique and the trends of the Renaissance. There he build a reputation that attracts the protection of the most influential cardinals, as Cardinal Imperiali, a prominent collector of paintings and objets d’art, and the support of patrons like the family Boscoli. It is within this context that Louis Cretey develop a powerful and original style that distinguishes him from his French contemporaries by the novelty of his execution, made of exceptional boldness of the brush and a vision that we might call strange, whatever the subject – religious or secular.

Around 1680 he returned to Lyons, where he quickly joined the circle of Thomas Blanchet, Lyon’s most influential painter of his time, who invite him to workon two remarkable sites: the decoration of the refectory of the Abbey of the Ladies of St. Peter , the current Museum of Fine Arts, and the old courthouse, called  “Palais de Roanne”
He returned to Italy at the end of the century, where he draws on the vision of contemporary artists a freer and more flexible.

The exhibition of the Museum of Fine Arts in Lyon recognized one of the last great figures of the French seventeenth century

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