From September 24 to October 21, 2010La Maison de la Photographie

In the glass balls, some like to read the future.
YAMADA, uses them to represent the head of his characters.
They are not vanity , but these light beings in motion, as elements of brilliance.
Fireflies , fireflies … Extra – Terrestrial , between reality and the supernatural . Brightness and intensity.

On the ground floor, this population – came from who knows where – will invest in space. Large or small, these creatures will grow, like human cells. Still a body.

My sculptures : “The man on all fours , ” ” The multi -legged man “” Divers , ” ” Dancers ” walk the earth, climb the walls, circling in the air . And some dive into the ocean …

When the rays of the sun hide behind the horizon, reflections of the transparent ball in the hand finally are at rest. This ball has been transformed by the translucent tears created by sadness and joy .

Soon that ball revived through the moonlight. This ball reflects the outside world and history as a mirror and she remembers it. Despite this revival of the ball, I do not see my sculptures that moved in the light of day .

The men celebrations are now finished. But I have a presentiment that in this silence , the crystal ball will permit to generate new life.
My words leave my mouth : ” another body ” …
I still need to create new bodies .

Now , I watch the eastern sky .
Tomorrow, I’ll bring a drop of dew if it appears.
What landscapes there will you see?


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