Until August 28, 2010 – Brot Kunsthalle
Twenty distinctive , detailed, photographs…showing large masses of people congregating closely together — trying to relax or play — while wedged between the sea and man-made industrial urban landscapes. Tourists suffer together in the summer heat of Europe’s historic attractions, surrounded by contemporary visual clutter and hounded by hucksters… of Italian photographer Massimo Vitali are  in the exhibition ” A touch of Summer ” .  His works of indulging in a voyeurism that is legitimized through the eye and the camera of the artist and reveals the beauty of the everyday. The selection , which is shown at the Brot Kunsthalle is an exciting combination of different series , which offer an insight into Vitali’s creative career. In the center of his works are anonymous masses of people who populate the strong man- shaped landscapes. The crowd of human bodies , towels and umbrellas, that he scans in the series, makes his beaches – a fantasy of  traditional places of relaxation and recreation –  a monuments to the lack of harmony between man and nature.