Claude Monet-Cap Martin near Menton-1884, Boston, Museum-of Fine Arts - Juliana Cheney Edwards Collection

Until the 1st May 2011- Palazzo Ducale

The fascination for the Mediterranean has been fed for a long time by its role in Roman Antiquity. The enthusiasts of the Grand Tour in the XVIIIth century looked for the traces of Virgil and the Sibyl… Only recently, with Courbet, Corot and then Van Gogh, did the French coast receive such favorable treatment. This exhibition, with 80 paintings from around the world, draws up a panorama of the main schools and movements – Impressionism, Pointillism, the Fauvists – which made it a recurrent motif. The works by Monet, Cézanne or Bonnard – efficiently relayed by «secondary» painter s such as Loubon, Ziem or Monticelli – contributed to turn France’s Provence region into one of the emblematic landscapes of modern art.
The exhibition at Palazzo Ducale want to study, using about 80 paintings from museums and collections around the world, this magical journey into the color, that Van Gogh write about: “Color changing, you never know if it is green or purple, you never know if it is blue, because the second shot after the reflection has taken on a gray or pink tint. “