Viva 32” x 23”

March 3 to March 26, 2011 – Henkel – Sin City Gallery

Sin City Gallery is proud  to present an  intimate Q&A session with our featured artist for March, KD Matheson.  Matheson is one of Southern Nevada’s best known and loved artists. His work is on permanent display at the Cosmopolitan Resort,  as well as private collections around the world.  He has also given our on-going mural project, displayed on our front exterior wall, an exciting update.

“Within my work I tend to think of creating a meeting place, a bridge in space time that blends the past and the future, and is expressed into the present. They are like vessels that house lines of connection to the mysteries of our past, the understanding of who we are now, and to the wonder of what we will become tomorrow.” KD Matheson

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