30 November 2011 – 18 February 2012 – New Mexico State University Art Gallery

The New Mexico State University Art Gallery invites the public to visit GLITTEROPOLIS, an immersive, interactive installation by the Santa Fe-based artist collective MEOW WOLF. Follow the path through a futuristic city of bling — past the factories and the suburban front yard into the Glo Forest and an Ice Hotel.

Meow Wolf is very process-oriented. This is seen both in their collective decision-making strategies, and in the way that their initial plans are treated as armatures that are fully expected to be altered by the community of participants that is created anew for each installation. For GLITTEROPOLIS, Meow Wolf has opened the process to students at NMSU, who are free to participate “each according to their abilities.”

NMSU Gallery Director Preston Thayer notes that underlying the offer of a fully-immersive experience for the visitor is Meow Wolf’s desire to reify the in stallation process, and thus extend the excitement of collaborative creation beyond the opening night. In this temporal extension, GLITTEROPOLIS becomes theater. Join us!

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