Queensboro Bridge II 2009, oil on canvas 177 x 147 cm

From the 7th of September to the 12 th of November 2010 –
Galerie Ernst Hilger – hilger contemporary
In the contemporary global reality, Miha Štrukelj explores what constructs the urban spaces that shape identities, and the creative processes that underlie his art works. He creates his personal worlds by combining fragments of different places which are at the same time eponymous, blurring the boundary between fiction and reality, and questioning the relationship between the individual and architecture and environments we live in and how we relate to them. Having trained as a painter, he constantly offers fresh perspectives on painting by combining the examination of the genre, the medium, the dominance of the line, brush and canvas, stroke, creating multi-layered works which invoke multi-layered response from the spectators. In the last few years he has increasingly focused on drawing, bringing it first into murals and then into space and contextualizing it within site-specific work. Štrukelj will – among other works – show a site specific drawing and painting covering the wall, invading into floor space.

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