Collection Lambert en Avignon – 27 June — 7 November 2010
To celebrate its ten years of museum activity, the Collection Lambert en Avignon will organise, in three historic sites within the papal city, a summer exhibition devoted to the abounding and protean body of work of Miquel Barceló, Catalan artist living between Paris, his natal Majorca and Mali of the Dogon. This ambitious exhibition will be made possible under the double, emblematic legacy of Pablo Picasso who, in 1970, made headlines by proposing one of his last great exhibitions of paintings in the Chapel of the Papal Palace four years before his death, and the legacy the Kings of Majorca who came to visit the popes installed in Avignon in the 14th century.

The Collection Lambert will present a group of works from the past decade that, for the most part, have never before been exhibited – essentially paintings, large-scale works on paper and a selection of his famous travel journals, whilst at the Papal Palace, bronzes, ceramics and other monumental installations in terracotta will take over the forecourt, the Great Chapel and the courtyard of the Old Palace. Finally, to continue this event, the Petit Palais Museum, a veritable jewel box devoted to Medieval and Gothic art, will welcome an ensemble of works of conquest, religious paintings and polychrome sculptures coming from the Palma Museum, that have never before left the island.

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