Remy Holwick

Until January 29, 2012 – Sin City Callery

At the center of each of us is an “anima motrix” or “moving spirit.”  In the 17th century, the astronomer Johannes Kepler used the term to describe the gravitational power of the sun that caused the order and orbit of the planets. In the context of the current Sin City Gallery exhibition, “anima motrix,” it is interpreted as the incredible gravitational power of female sexuality that is the driving force that pervades our existence and orders our lives.

The new art show for January at Sin City Gallery features three female artists, Remy Holwick, Lolita Develay, and Melissa Herrington, who have each been carefully selected for their strong and provocative vision as affected by this “moving spirit.”  This exhibition, running through Jan. 29, is composed of a variety of paintings and drawings from these three intrepid women.

Remy Holwick spent her childhood in Hawaii. She is formerly a fashion runway model for the likes of Calvin Klein and Giorgio Armani and has worked as an artistic director for various fashion lines. Holwick is currently launching her own line of denim. She studied at Reed College in Portland and is an accomplished artist currently living in Los Angeles.

Lolita Delevay


Lolita Develay is currently an MFA candidate at University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Her hyper-detailed style gives the fantastical reality and lends a suspension of disbelief to her varied subjects.

Melissa Herrington

elissa Herrington currently lives in Los Angeles. Her works are imbued with a transcendent, ethereal quality to her subjects, both abstract and literal, created by her delicate techniques of layering and juxtaposed materiality. She addresses female subjects living autonomously in a world she defines.

Anima Motrix is being curated by Jessica Lo whose philosophy is, in the words of the famous critic Alexander Woollcott, “Nothing risqué, nothing gained.”

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