From October 25th to November 3rd 2010 – National Art Museum of China
Ms. Guizhi CHEN is a venerable old professor at Luxun Academy of Fine Arts. She has gone teaching for decades, with pupils everywhere. She behaves honestly and works seriously and devotes herself into art creation. She is very low key in behavior and indifferent to fame and wealth, but she is full of desire and passion to watercolor art she loves and turns to painting with life. For tens of years, she has been peaceful and calm and focused on art creation without stop due to any reason. In the journey of art, she is a tough trekker and pioneer. The artistic achievements she gains today are heartening.

The art practice of watercolor·composite materials, through constant exploration, experiment, novelty, and creation by Professor Guizhi CHEN, finally has formed unique language of artistic expression today. Deep, solemn, gorgeous picture is full of personality and artistic expression, forms a special artistic charm, and expands new space for watercolor art. Her works directly expresses idea, sprinkles freely, and expresses spirituality, exploring the profound spiritual world through magic and infinite performance of flowers. The architecture and imagination of art as well as the restructuring and innovation of vocabularies are aimed to achieve more far-reaching realm of art and then to boost a further improvement of watercolor art.

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