December 31, 2011 to January 16 , 2012 – Today Art Museum

Huang Ying always uses body and its images as the tool and carrier of her art. After her paintings got recognized, she devoted two years to art making with videos. Her creations, which combine scene shooting and post production, enable her to create her “virtual reflection of reality” freely.
The art of Huang Ying is a process of self-exploration. In this show, Huang Ying will use video to show us the possibility of multi-existence between the self and the environment. She puts the body in a virtual reality she created, and tries to establish and secure the existence of self in a world where the self has vanished. The reality her works depict is more like a retreat from the real world, a place of happiness and peace. However, this imagined place is a surreal, lonelier and more merciless world. This demonstrates the artists’ reflection on the reality of our commercial society, which is full of deceiving, cheating, eagerness for money and profit, and materialism.
In the world of Huang, the body has no particular identification, but rather is abstract and metaphysical. One will not resist or comply when he encounters the reality, but rather look for a subtle balance in the endless conflict between him and the environment, and even invade or infiltrate into the reality. All these interaction, adaptability and abstraction of the encounter between the individual and the environment reflect Huang’s eastern aesthetics which is explicit in her works. However she abandoned the traditional forms in her works, which is always associated with eastern aesthetics, and utilized various kinds of modern art languages and methods, such as cinematic methods, montage, narrative suspension, collage and synthesis methods and 3-D technologies, thus changed our perception of specific space and time, and achieved a unique combination of Chinese aesthetics and modern languages.
Huang Ying’s self-exploration is purposing a question: what on earth is the relationship between man and nature, and between man and the real world? This relationship broadens the concept of “body” from natural body to social body, scientific body, and moral body, thereby showing us the fact that the situation of an individual actually reflects the situation of the mankind.

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