I was being tempted regularly... , 82.5 x 106 in, oil on canvas, 2011

Oct. 8th 2011 to Nov. 26th 2011 – 101/exhibit Gallery Miami, .

“Perceptions Of Religious Imagery In Natural Phenomena
Joshua Hagler, the young and enigmatic visual artist whose distinct style and perspective has rapidly gained the attention of the international arts market, is returning from a six-month residency at MIRA in Martignano, Italy. With “Perceptions of Religious Imagery in Natural Phenomena” the artist will exhibit new works, a continuation of his concepts from Italy, at 101/exhibit in Miami.
During his time abroad, Joshua Hagler had two very successful shows in Lecce, Italy. For his exhibition at Chiesa San Giovanni Di Dio, the artist experimented in visual and conceptual symmetry, creating site-specific paintings, which referenced the baroque church’s classical works in the original alcoves. For the second show, Joshua was among the first international artists to exhibit in the newly renovated wing of Castello Di Carlo V. In his paintings, sculptures, and computer animations, Joshua incorporates or distorts religious motifs inspired by his Christian upbringing, building toward what he calls, “a long-term apocrypha.” Twisting images, he has a preoccupation with destruction and decay, often depicting abstractions of landfills strewn with bodily collisions and busted machinery. In his works, one sees a curious struggle between the distorted human figures and the physical, psychological, and theological debris that blends and bends within and without the flesh – with results that are at once humorous and grotesque.With “Perceptions of Religious Imagery in Natural Phenomena,” Hagler draws upon his sixmonth residency at MIRA in Martignano. Having toured the Salento region seeking uncommonly referenced historical works and obscure paintings and sculptures tucked inside it’s many churches, Hagler borrows aspects from these hidden gems, incorporating them into his work.

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