June 04 — 23, 2010  – Moscow Museum of Modern Art
40 portraits of women. 40 images — thoughtful and laughsome, strict and flirtatious, prudent and light-minded. 40 natural and untouched faces. Sati Spivakova, Olga Slutsker, Yulia Vysotskaya, Natalia Sindeeva, Aidan Salakhova, Kristina Orbakaite, Svetlana Bondarchuk, Liza Mikhalkova, Yulia Bordovskikh, Ekaterina Andreeva, Liza Boyarskaya and many others appear in the new project by Vlad Loktev, master of fashion photography.

Veteran of Russian fashion photography, who published the legendary «Glamour» album several years ago, decided this time to turn away from conventional glossy standards.

In his new project actresses, businesswomen, gallery owners, Vlad’s close friends and just some pretty women appear without the essential detail of a celebrity’s iconic image — without make-up. Loktev’s idea is conceptually linked to Crying Men, a project by British artist Sam Taylor-Wood who portrayed famous Hollywood actors with tears in their eyes.

For famous women, the absence of the protective layer of make-up requires some courage. Having renounced make-up, heroines of magazine covers and society columns took the liberty of emotional emancipation to reveal their natural beauty.

In No Make-Up faces, one shouldn’t look for documentary evidence. Loktev’s exhibition has nothing to do with the scandalous paparazzi manner, when a glimpse of the star brings out all ‘too human’. In all his portraits, everything is professional and artistically precise. Light, viewpoint, background and even the color choice — be it chromatic or black-and-white. His camera not only fixes faces but closes them up, creating the effect of presence beside the models. He does this in such a way that the spectator has an unconscious feeling of emotional engagement into things happening before the camera. In the pristine beauty of his women, Vlad Loktev reveals their inner beauty.

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