Tehnica Schweiz & Katarina Šević: Fireman costume Heroes of the Shaft

Until the 24th of April – Műcsarnok – For the Contemporary Arts

This exhibition opens the stage for groups of young artists for whom the creative process goes hand in hand with collective reflection. Some of these communities bring together in their work several fields of the arts, from architecture through fine and media art to design or literature. The exhibitors include the builders of sound and space installations, architects who seek cooperation with different professions and branches of art, teams of visual artists engaged in theatre, groups that collect and publish arts publications and fanzines. Some of the exhibits will emerge from the interaction of what is on display, offering, thanks to the common thinking of the groups, multiple views of certain artistic problems, while often making one utopia or another the yardstick of their collective work. The exhibition takes a look at these communal work processes, and the utopias that motivate the creative communities.

We have invited duos and groups of artists to make works particularly for this occasion, which will also reflect on the venue. Thanks to its vast space and a history that goes back to the birth of modern art, Műcsarnok, a prominent exhibition place of contemporary Hungarian art, is both a symbolic venue, and a forum for the life of a more broadly understood arts community. With the programmes, discussions and actions that the participating groups will organize, the exhibit will attempt to turn the building into the scene of live discourses and events, as well as to highlight certain problems of the contemporary contexts of Hungarian art and society.

The spaces of Műcsarnok will now fulfil a double function: beside the traditional role of the exhibition hall, i.e. the presentation of artworks, they will also serve the community, giving home to not only the artworks, but the artists as well. The exhibiting groups will participate in the weekly events, which will be loosely related and will cover different art forms. Practically a one-month festival, the lively and dynamically transforming event will include theme-oriented discussions and debates, as well as theatre performances, concerts, film screenings, performances and parties.

No One Belongs Here More Than You will seek to create a situation that enables exhibition goers and exhibiting artist alike to freely reinterpret the customary settings of an exhibition.

Exhibiting groups of artists:
Table Company / Under Classification / D1618 / Group / laci&balázs / Plagium 2000 / AMBPA – Association of Mouth and Brain Painting Artists of the World / Szentirmai Tamás + Vági János + Szakács István / Association ’39 / The Corporation / The Randomroutines / Tehnica Schweiz & Katarina Šević / New Direction Group / 1000%
Curators: Petra Csizek, Gábor Döme

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