From 15 of January to 6 of February 2011 – Fieldgate Gallery, contemporary art gallery and project space

Part accelerated speleothem, part architectonic folly, ‘The Ninth Stellation’ is a large polychrome sculpture by Aisling Hedgecock made specifically for On Becoming A Gallery. Constructed from an apparently infinite number of polystyrene beads and found Spanish religious ephemera, cut and folded into stellated icosahedrons, Hedgecock employs both meticulous craft and process-led action to transform prosaic materials into pareidolic semblances of biogeological growth.

Stewart Gough and Tom Ormond continue their collaborative investigation into the sculptural and architectural space around and in between their individual practices.  Their two previous collaborations are large scale sculptural works: DeBeauvoir Manor (2006); a Tudor cottage façade made from salvaged loading pallets and plasterboard, which through experience in the round breaks down into a formal abstraction of blue sail like structures.  European Vacation (2006-9), is a manipulation beyond the readymade of a ‘Rapido’ folding caravan.  Here the existing flat pack panels are re-cut, trimmed and fitted with further hinges, enabling the caravan’s unpacking to continue beyond its designed function, taking flight into abstraction.  For Becoming a Gallery; Gough and Ormond respond to the curators request to provide a wall structure within the exhibition space.  They use this opportunity to consider the operation and influence of a partition within the dynamics of an exhibition. Tom Ormond appears courtesy of Alison Jacques Gallery.

Paul Eachus’s installations and photoworks are presented, perhaps even propositioned by a series of events, something has taken place, is about to take place or is in the process of taking place. Each event then is in process, not static but in a moment of becoming, it is in this sense transitory; it is unstable. It evokes Deleuze’s notion of ‘delire’, the ‘straight furrows’ fixed by society’s processes of categorisation and the channeling of things into their bracketed places are ruptured and the perverse and the irreconcilable are given the space to form new dialogues.   In addition to his photoworks, Paul is presenting an installation with Nooshin Farhid.  Nooshin presents video works whilst employing different subjects and scenarios that have a connecting thread, a commonality, namely there is a certain kind of agitation, a restlessness and a deliberate  disjuncture that ruptures the familiar trajectory of the traditional narrative. This agitation, and an unwillingness to settle for what is ‘on offer’ (this is the way things are), reflects upon the current state of things socially, politically and ideologically.

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