Tomb offering stand, Tang dynasty, 8th century. Earthenware, three-color (sancai) glaze, 2 1/16 x diam. 11 1/4 in. Purchase, the R.H. Norton Trust, 62.11

August 21–November 21, 2010 – Norton Museum of Art

On the Silk Road and High Seas: Chinese Ceramics, Culture and Commerce
Since the second century BCE, the so-called “Silk Road” stretched for thousands of miles from eastern China to the Black Sea, thus linking the great civilizations of east Asia with those of southwest Asia and, thereby, to Europe. In later centuries the trade and cultural influences which flowed back and forth on land were transferred to the sea, as maritime shipping eventually came to dominate world commerce. The superb examples of Chinese ceramics featured in this exhibition were prized at home and treasured abroad, where they were indeed rarities until the mid 18th century. Specific styles and innovations that arose as a result of cross-cultural exchanges are highlighted

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