Cláudia Andujar Inês,1971 fotografia pb sobre papel e acrílico sobre madeira Aquisição MAC USP

Until the 6th of March 2011 – Museu de Arte Contemporânea da Universidade de São Paulo

One Day, It Will Have to Be Over 1969/74, is the second of a series of three special exhibitions conceived by the curators of the Department of Research in Art, Theory and Critique, is timely. The series, which questions the making of the collection of MAC USP during the military dictatorship, indicates the Museum as one of the few spaces of resistance to repression of free expression in the country, in those years.

Moreover, One Day, It Will Have to Be Over 1969/74 shows how MAC USP succeeded in being one of the biggest hubs of reception/production of contemporary art of the southern hemisphere, transforming the very traditional concept of museum, in the darkest moment of dictatorship. MAC USP, mainly from those years on, left behind the concept of museum as a temple where art should be worshiped to also become a space where art was produced, debated and resignified.

Walking around the exhibition, the visitor will find the first examples of artistic proposals which questioned an aestheticized vision of art – even the modern one -, presenting destabilizing alternatives, which deliberately blurred the boundaries between the museum and public place, between art and life.

In this moment when MAC USP reinvents itself, preparing to play the role it has already played in the city and in the country, to revise its collection in a critical way, to rethink it through the concrete reality of the proposals and artworks today in its collection — always in the light of History — is to emphasize the reputation of its own turn out and of the community that shelters it and provides sense to it

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