Gopal Samantray Skinn Less IV Acrylic on Canvas 48" x 48"

16th February 2012 to 8th March 2012 – Indigo Blue Art Gallery

Indigo Blue Art is pleased to present Paradigms & Perspectives, a group show featuring five fresh emerging talents from India.

Showcasing a diverse collection of works, the exhibition explores a myriad of expressions and issues ranging from societal changes and expectations to urbanisation, religion, culture and violence.

Artists include Jimmy Chishi, Nabanita Guha, Kundan Mondal, Gopal Samantray and Parag Sonarghare.

Born in Nagaland, Jimmy Chishi (b. 1977) is greatly influenced by the culture of North-East India. He incorporates traditional folklore, storytelling and theology of North-East India with a contemporary twist.

Nabanita Duttaguha Encapsulate frozen frame Acrylic & thread on canvas 36" x 30"

abanita Guha (b.1982) employs dark humour to critique the insular and hypocritical values of the middle class society. Her paintings evoke the sensibilities of a pre-modern era and its corresponding value systems through references to old Indian prints and calendar art.

Kundan Mondal (b.1980) tends to arrange his work in a frenzied style, often forming a tapestry of images that takes references from art history, folk art, mythology, and folk tales. Using the metaphor of the cosmic mythical churning of lord Vishnu, Kundan tries to capture the contradictions and complexities that result in the metaphysical ‘churning’ through his paintings.

In his paintings, Gopal Samatray (b.1976) philosophises on the destructive relationship between humans and nature. His animal subjects are portrayed as being detached and alienated from their natural habitats. The perils of global warming and deforestation are revealed, as wild animals make sudden and incongruous appearances in urban spaces, as if they were the reminders of an impending catastrophe.

Parag Sonarghare Imagine it Done Acrylic on Canvas 75" x 30" (each)

arag Sonarghare (b.1987) feels that we can never exist in a social vacuity. He is aware of the different identities and characters that people often adopt in daily life. He questions the role of identity in an age of technological advancement, where relations between people have become impersonal and distant.

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