Heidrun Löhr, Traffic, 2001, Nalina Wait and Alexandra-Katie Macdonald at Omeo Dance Studio, Sydney. Courtesy the artist

From March 3rd to the 15th of April 2012 – Australian Centre for Photography

Parallax is a simple enough problem for photography: the image you make depends on your viewing angle. But when you add the variable of the moving body in performance, the parallax factor multiplies to a point where the camera captures something no human eye will ever see in any other way.

Heidrun Löhr, the celebrated photographer of live performance, is famous for her active use of the camera around the stage. More than documents of a vanishing work, the images open up a whole terrain of performance photography, where the gestures and expressions of subjects from all walks of life perform a sense of identity. An identity that can be as multiple and various as the positions of the camera.

Heidrun Löhr’s career began in Munich and Berlin but for over 25 years now she has worked in Sydney. Her photographs capture some of the most bizarre, outrageous and beautiful moments in experimental performance in this city.

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