Pat Rocha – Dreamer Schemer | 24×36 | Oil on Canvas | 2010

From February 12 to March 8, 2011 – 101/exhibit

Pat Rocha, born 1959 in Topeka, KS, is a painter based in Kansas City, MO. Rocha’s influences lie in the realms of nostalgia, the supernatural and the surreal. Self taught he started drawing and painting as a child. Growing up in a household with ten siblings, most of whom share the practice of art, drove his imagination further. Pat, along with the rest of his siblings, all confess that their house was haunted. Rocha believes that those aspects of those memories were beneficial for his ideas in painting. That house was later exorcised by a priest then, weeks later, leveled by a tornado, trapping Pat and his family in their basement for a day.

Rocha’s work conveys the essence of a “golden era” in which he relates to his past, but not directly. Child-like images, adult emotions, the jet-set, the ill and unfortunate and the ghosts they leave behind are the things that have inspired Rochas recent series of work. A collection of ideas that the viewer, upon viewing, could recall a memory, happy or sad.

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