Peter Keene & Piet.sO – Big video light bulbs – Grandes ampoules 1000W, Vidéo projecteur, électroniques – 170 x 45 x 45 cm – 2010

From February 8 to March 16, 2013 – Mazel Galerie
The Sun has a rendezvous with the Moon.
The two artists Peter Keene and Piet.sO in residence in Brussels since 2010, venture between two spells: the sun, the moon, man, woman … in this vast gap where compasses are crazy, meetings ectoplasmic, childhood ubiquitous but worried.

Peter Keene & Piet.sO – Happy Birthday Mr.Président 2009 – Sculpture lumineuse, Leds RGB, Jelly en silicone, chassis métallique, moteur et bande sonore – 210 x 140 x 140 cm – © Mazel Galerie

razy machines, ghostly appearances, we feel like walking cautiously between two accomplice worlds, robots, giant dresses, projections of light bulbs filaments becoming constellations.
He has this crazy British inventor eccentricity, free and unclassifiable. Born in the vicinity of Birmingham, in the land of the industrial revolution, Peter Keene manipulates techniques as a big box of games and he does what he wants: waves, rays, reinventions of the world.

Peter Keene & Piet.sO – Red in Red – 2010 – Résine molle transparente, structure en fil cuivre et lumière – 130 x 120 x 200 cm – Crédit photographique : A.Meyer

Her, she wears this playful melancholy which diverted the myths and stories to better capture a story. Granddaughter of Polish immigrants in France in the twenties, having lost touch with her roots, Piet.sO invente for herself weird memory transmission devices.
In chemistry, the association of two elements allows the creation of a new compound which possesses different characteristics. Poetically and simply, one plus one equals more than two. Peter Keene and Piet.sO somehow embody this “miracle” chemical and poetic where plastic dresses dialogues with mechanical Christ all that in a melody electronic and binary.

Mazel Gallerie Bruxelles