"Napoleon" Acrylic on paper 2010 110x130 cm

10th of January to 8th of March 2011 – Carbon 12

First international solo exhibition of Philip Mueller. With overflowing energy and impressive technique, his paintings are a wild ride: with subjects from pop culture icons to belles-de-nuits, Icelandic shamans, and the Adams Family, Mueller creates a symbolist universe where everything, anything, could and will happen. Dionysus meets Jesus, cannibal monkeys on LSD, the content is as radical as the style: painted with finger on linoleum floor, poured all-over-style, masterly brush technique combined with excessive speed. The canvas becomes a battlefield of chance and composition, assemblage and association. Like alchemy, Mueller’s paintings can be seen as ecstatic rituals, a dialogue with the spirits, and cathartic acts that unleash primary forces. The paintings develop a life of their own, the portraits begin to speak, the scenes evolve: a constant flux is felt, as if the canvas is shivering and vibrating. The works preserve the traces of the strong Theatrical/performative presence: the playful approach to the material itself transform his oeuvre into documents, historic artifacts from parallel universes, imagined ages, trippy flashbacks. But Mueller’s creative explosions go far beyond the medium of painting, and there will be a special performance by the artist and special guests on the opening night. So there is really no excuse to miss this groundbreaking exhibition, because like the title says: eat when you can, sleep when you can; but life never takes a break.

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