17th of May to the fifth of September 2010 – Picasso Museum Malaga
The very first painting by Pablo Picasso that was ever conserved was painted in Malaga when he was just eight years old, and there is a horse in it. Ever since then, and right into his old age, the horse appears again and again in Picasso’s work. He depicted everything symbolic, noble, grotesque, human and mythological about the beast.

In Picasso. Horses, the Museo Picasso Málaga provides a new look at the presence and meaning of these creatures in Picasso’s work, with over fifty artworks on display. Oil paintings, drawings and engravings, amongst other works, show the unique way the artist dealt with this subject and the various different forms in which he portrayed it.

The exhibition also includes engravings by Francisco de Goya and Jan Straet in which horses are the central motif, as well as a selection of photographs showing how the animal was present in the cities where Picasso spent his childhood and youth.

Curator: Dominique Dupuis-Labbé, Chief Conservator of the Collections Department of the Directorate of French Museums, and teacher at the École du Louvre.

Lenders: many of the artworks on display belong to private collections are have rarely been shown in public. Works from public collections have been lent by the Picasso Museum in Barcelona; the Musée Picasso and Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris; the Tate Gallery, London; the University of Edinburgh Fine Art Collection; MoMA Museum of Modern Art, New York, and The Phillips Collection, Washington, amongst others.

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