Pablo Picasso, Dove with olive branch - 28 december 1961

22 September 2010 to 16 January 2011 – Albertina Vienna

In 1944, Picasso became a member of the French Communist Party, whose figurehead he remained until the end of his life. Yet his political thinking was entirely molded by his desire for peace and freedom. During those years, he painted, drew, and lithographed his famous image of the white dove, which turned into a global symbol of freedom and a human society that did not only look back on two World Wars, but was also confronted with such imminent catastrophes as the Korean and Vietnam Wars. Fifty paintings and one hundred drawings, as well as numerous historical documents, will highlight Picasso as a political figure and thus present a hitherto neglected, but nevertheless crucial chapter in the life of this exceptional artist.

This exhibition has been curated by Tate Liverpool, with the Albertina acting as a co-organizer

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