Chimpanze - Bronze - 36cm x 21cm x 23cm - 2009

From the 19th of November to the 11th of  December 2010 – Mazel Galerie

Quentin Garel is graduate  from l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Paris (1998).
his work of sculpture, out of bronze, iron, wood or porcelain, is characterized by the creation of a bestiary, sometimes very realistic, sometimes brought back to a state of skeleton. Garel explains: “For a few years, I have developed a work of sculpture implementing various wood assemblies around the topic of the trophy; proud habit of the man whom I try to divert with the profit of the animals of consumption by denouncing the ridiculous character of this practice. I prolonged this topic with through the pig iron which brings a more monumental dimension to him and which opens it towards outside. Such a part can for example use the garden as base thus giving the feeling that it crosses partially the surface of the ground, like the vestige of an emergent past”. Excellent draughtsman, Garel works the subjects of its sculptures first on paper and supplements each exposure of a series of drafts and preparatory studies.

Since the ordering of a series of sculptures for the New Municipal Gardens of Lille, Garel extended its bestiary, centered up to now on the animals of consumption, with the animals of savanna and the jungle.

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