From the 4th of September to the 10th of October 2010 – Museum of Fine Arts Eduardo Sivori
Raul Russo Born in Buenos Aires in 1912 and died in Paris, city where he lived from 1976 – 1984. A disciple of Emilio Centurion, Guido Alfredo and Jorge Larco , Russo quickly excelled and became an artist taking a prominent place within the Latin American art of the twentieth century. A figurative artist dominated by the visible influence of the  Expressionism , the strength in is work, reinforced by the material density and a palette of saturated colors, give Raul Russo an unique profile of original creativity.

This exhibition is curated by Raul H. Russo, son of the artist, and Vera Gerchunoff.
“It was time that the master Raul Russo , a great among the greatest, honored us by his long awaited visit to Sivori  ” says architect Maria Isabel de Larrañaga, Director of the Museo Eduardo Sivori .

He won the First Prize (1959) and the Grand Prix of Honor of the Salon National (1960 ), the  Honor Award of the Municipal Salon Manuel Belgrano (1960) and the Palanza Award (1961), and was received into the National Academy of Fine Arts (1966). Its international fame came by participating in the Pan American Exposition in New York ( 1946), in the Biennial of San Pablo ( 1953/1963 ) and Venice ( 1954/1956/1962 ) and the International Fair of Brussels (1958 ) , where he received the Gold Medal.

The artist on himself “En los buenos cuadros míos me veo como en un espejo. El Russo auténtico, limpio, puro está ahí, no en mis actitudes cotidianas. Cuando lo descubro, me pongo contento, porque el hombre está en la obra, no en la circunstancia”

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