Peter Králik, Agroskate, 2011, digital print, 75 x 53 cm, courtesy of the author.

Until the 23rd of September – Nitra Gallery

The curatorial exhibition project taking place during the 30th Summer Olympics in London presents a varied selection of works related to the theme of sports, created by contemporary artists from Slovakia and abroad. Sport is a multifaceted phenomenon; therefore it is shown from different points of view – serious and humorous.

The exhibition presents a relatively large number of videos as a reaction to our passive, TV-based relationship to sports. The selection also includes almost every medium, from drawing to interactive installation.

or easier orientation and understanding of its individual layers, the exhibition is divided into several free thematic groups. The first part is dedicated to art, connected to sports in specific ways, which critically comments on various political and social problems. Another part is looking at sports as a physical activity, training and fitness, offering the visitors a possibility to exercise directly in the exhibition halls. The exhibition tackles also topics such as memory, history, recycling, subjective experience, inner worlds and construction of new contexts. Sport is, of course, a fun activity, so one of the sections is dominated by humour, irony and absurdity. And since ice hockey is perhaps the most important sporting phenomenon of Slovakia, we have dedicated a whole room to it.

The exhibition’s ambition is not to present an exhausting survey of sporting themes in contemporary art. It is rather a living mosaic which seeks to illustrate and focus on some principal artistic perspectives of these topics. And it’s not just a one-sided relationship, because after all, some sports are now and then described as art.

Exhibiting artists:
Mária Čorejová (SK), Josef Dabernig (AT), Martin Derner (SK), Ivan Dudáš (SK), Christoph Höschele & Kai Kaspar (AT), Anetta Mona Chişa & Lucia Tkáčová (SK), Andrea Kalinová (SK), Peter Kalmus (SK), Krištof Kintera (CZ), Patrik Kovačovský (SK), Peter Králik (SK), Antal Lakner (HU), Svätopluk Mikyta (SK), Petr Motyčka (CZ), Vlad Nancă (RO), Jacek Niegoda (PL), Štefan Papčo (SK), Alejandro Paz (GT), Pode B al (CZ), Tomáš Rafa (SK), Jiří Surůvka (CZ)

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