From Aug 16 2011 to Sep 10, 2011 – Arc One Gallery
Robbie Rowlands is a Melbourne based artist whose work explores notions of stability and vulnerability through the manipulation of objects and environments. His repetitious and precise cuts and the resulting distortions reflect the inescapable passing of time that affects everything around us. Rowlands’ works have been described as ‘spotlighting the history, humanity and function’ of his subjects. His manipulated objects and spaces blur the boundaries between our fabricated world and the natural world.

He graduated from The Victorian College of the Arts in 1999. Part of this study was based at Pratt Institute, New York after, his first solo exhibition FOUND came out of this work. His work looks closely at the everyday objects around us, he questions their nature, their stability. Working both familiar and found materials, Rowlands cuts into and manipulates the recognisable, peeling back one form to reveal another, reflecting upon the passage of time and what lies beneath the surface of our familiar world.
Rowlands participated in the exhibitions Structure, Space and Place, at the Tower Hill Memorial, Kangaroo Ground, 2007 and 26 Surf Street, Merricks Beach, 2007. He participated in an exhibition titled Depot in Dandenong and held a solo exhibition of new work at Place Gallery in October 2008.
In 2010 Rowlands was the subject of a survey exhibition at the Gippsland Art Gallery, Sale, Victoria, entitled ‘Grace in Ruin’. The exhibition included a six-metre long ‘wall cut’ as a site-specific installation, together with a number of key artworks

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