Danubiana – Meulensteen Art Museum – 19 of June to 29 of August
The retrospective of Sam Francis (1923 San Mateo – 1994 Santa Monica) is the first exhibition of this internationally recognized abstract artist in Slovakia. Sam Francis is one of the leading second-generation artists representing Post-Painterly Abstraction. His work embodies the basic characteristic of this style: work in thin paint devoid of expressive tactile effects, airy all-over painting lacking the hierarchy of forms. He treats masterfully the calligraphic line and colour spot, combining it with light. Francis did away with the duality of the ground and art form to create the visual unity. He had an extraordinary ability to express in his work a deep, almost mysterious perception of himself and reality. He drew inspiration from time spent in India, Thailand, Japan, Bern and Paris. As a painter he created large paintings and murals and was also concerned with graphic art, particularly lithography, etching and monotype. A great number of his solo exhibitions have been shown in the world public and private museums from Tokyo to San Francisco.

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