May 29–August 2, 2010
Sandra Bromley has worked with victims of violence at home in Edmonton and from conflict zones around the world. Her interviews and photos of women and children affected by war are the basis for a group of portraits of women and children from Sierra Leone and Cambodia that have been incorporated into a new installation created for the Art Gallery of Alberta’s RBC New Works Gallery.

FIRE is an anti-war installation that was inspired by a trip the artist made to Sierra Leone where she interviewed child soldiers and war brides. Bromley worked with a group of girls, some as young as 8 years old, who had been kidnapped by rebel soldiers. Forced to work as labourers and sex slaves, these young women are now trying to create positive futures for themselves with the help of under-funded and stalled training programs. Bromley has worked on themes of violence in her work for many years, and has gained international recognition for the Gun Sculpture installation, which has been exhibited in various cities around the world.

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