Sprengel Museum – 02 June 2010 to 15  August 2010
The historical convulsions incurred by the 20th century and the accompanying rapid changes in life and being had an impact on graphic works by artists. Printing made it possible to directly, seismographically, leave an artistic impression. Sketches are a means of capturing emotions at a moment; such studies detail things that are issues for an individual, then visualise the ideas and work them through.

The exhibition entitled Scarred by Life– Passion in Modern Works-on-Paper examines 20th century works on paper, concentrating on how the tribulations and glories of a turbulent century manifested themselves in individual lives, examining the condition known as conditio humana in modern times.
The privacy inherent in making intimate prints encouraged a number of artists to express very passionate material on paper: Marc Chagall realised etchings reflecting the joy he felt with his beloved, Andy Warhol transferred motifs of J. F. Kennedy’s assassination into lurid silkscreen prints, and Werner Büttner laughed at the prospect of death in his self-portrait on paper.

On a conceptual level, the exhibition reflects the ambivalence towards certain passions. Political enthusiasm can develop into fury; boundless Lebenslust can incur the opposite. Individual fears sometimes evolve into great bravery. The choice of pictures in this exhibition expose drastic contrasts, great depth of understanding and, last but not least, borderline experiences that change lives.

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