26th June – 15 August 2010 – The Aarhus Center for Contemporary Art
Intensive surface – Shezad Dawood
Intensive Surfaces is based on a complex and at times bizarre staging of cultural and symbolic stereotypes and mythology. Seen through the lens of pop culture the British born artist Shezad Dawood is occupied with cultural , ethnic and religious identity and in a humorous way he questions the role and nature of modern consumer culture. Intensive Surfaces ice built up like a joint scenography with video , installation and painting, Bringing the exhibition to life by means of performances , discussions, workshops and dialogue. The project revolves around the film Feature, a staged modern western taking place in an English landscape, and combines elements from genres like westerns , zombie movies and classic blockbuster films in two musicals and opera.
Intensive Surfaces ice Shezad Dawood ‘s first solo exhibition in Denmark

The perfect Stage J & K
Artist duo J & K alias Janne Schäfer ( DE) and Kristine Agergaard (DK ) has spent years working with characters and clichés in a violent and entertaining, colorful universe. With humor and a surprising almost shamelessly pilfering from different cultures symbolic world out audience into the constructed worlds in which neo -colonial and intercultural challenges explored and theme . The Perfect Stage examines whether a perfect world or state of mind can be realized , and if so how. The exhibition is built up as a scene that draws the audience into a psychedelic , abstract , illusory space that will serve as background for live performances and backdrop for the recording Paradise of Babylon – the trailer , a movie trailer for a nonexistent film. The exhibition will also accommodate various smaller universes, as well as tools and relics of the rituals , all tools needed in the duo’s quest for the perfect world and state of mind .

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