Intimate relativity2011 Mixed media on canvas 90 x 90 cm

May 13 to June 30, 2011 – Base Gallery / Matrix Japan S.A.

We cordially invite you to the solo exhibition “Intimate Relativity” by Shigeno Ichimura, based in New York.
In 1977 he was awarded 2nd Award in Texas National ‘97 Art Competition as the first Asian artist, then in 2002 won Artist Fellowship in New York Foundation for the Arts. Since then he has done numerous solo and group shows in New York and the other parts of the world.
This will be the 3rd solo exhibition at our gallery following to the one in 2005 and 2008. Dots are lined up on the silver surface in a mechanical manner, however each dot has been squeezed out of Ichimura’s own hands. These dots are drawn in order and each is expressing an individual characteristic and time that has past and cannot be regained.
The artworks shown in this exhibition also share their nature to the previous series.
It is said that the accumulation of those originally small characteristics holds the relationship between each other, and it is natural to question them. Therefore the piles of small moments have to be treated in a bigger current of time. Now coming back to its basic nature, the expression which consciously brings up the relativity has emerged in his artworks. For instance, a little colour has been used as signal to connect those characteristics. The words such as “RELATIVITY” and “AGGREGATE” are written to reveal the relationship and its influence hidden in those dots which are inorganically and beautifully lined up. The colour and words thrown into regulations stir so-called tranquillity in them, to show how complicated relations we live in.
This exhibition will show a new phase in his series of work.

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