The Guardians, 2012 - Oil on canvas/panel - 36 x 36 inches

The Guardians, 2012 – Oil on canvas/panel – 36 x 36 inches

From September 13 to October 18, 2014 – 101/EXHIBIT 8920 Melrose Ave.

In the Time of Water continues Siobhan McClure’s epic narrative about bands of children that have been left to negotiate the post-apocalyptic urban wasteland “Mirror City.” Inspired by the stillness of Vermeer and the silhouetted German Romantic landscapes of Caspar David Friedrich, McClure has used heightened one-point perspective and delicately rendered figures to engage the viewer with the strangeness of destruction and the possibility inherent within reorder. In addition to fueling such an elaborately cohesive body of work, the conflicts faced by these hierarchical tribes of children provide a fantasy space for the artist to negotiate the existent challenges of today’s tumultuous urban centers. The show includes fifteen watercolor and gouache works on paper, and six medium to large-scale oil paintings on canvas that resume the story of her 2010 exhibition, The Tale of Pearl, at Richard Heller Gallery.

The Outsider, 2013 - Oil and canvas on board - 36 x 72 inches

The Outsider, 2013 – Oil and canvas on board – 36 x 72 inches

ach work from In the Time of Water functions as a fragmented view of McClure’s larger narrative which is ultimately connected by her own elaborate legend of reoccurring motifs. Though complex, the legend is meant as more of an aid than as a pre-requisite to viewing the works; a window into McClure’s artistic process. As Bill Callahan sings in From the Rivers to the Ocean, “Have faith in wordless knowledge. Well, I could tell you about the river or we could just get in.”
Born in 1955 in Margate, England, Siobhan McClure has lived and worked in the Los Angeles area for over 20 years. Her previous solo exhibitions include The Tale of Pearl at Richard Heller Gallery (2010), The Garden at Lara Schlesinger Gallery (2008), and two shows with Jan Baum Gallery (2003, 2001). McClure’s work has also been included in numerous group shows including Prep School at the Torrance Art Museum earlier this year, Artists’ Tales at the Irvine Fine Art Center in 2012, among others at Andi Campognone Projects in Pomona, CA, Angel’s Gate Cultural Center in San Pedro, and the Center for Contemporary Art in Sacramento.

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