Myriam Thyes, Migration Flags 2005-2007 / Dominican Republic

January 28, 2011 to  March 5, 2011 – Kunsthalle Exnergasse

Songs of The Swamp introduces an array of international artists with works that represent, invent, question, or deploy systems. A sculpture for playing their multi-channel videos and a maze of illuminated photographs, drawings, and Xerox are sign posts in this swamp and a night of performances its visitation.
Songs of the Swamp asks its participant artists to constitute an ecology: a “Guts-Swamp” that hovers in narrative limbo near enough to “Garden” and to “Body”. The rank-maler of this Frankenstein will be drawn through the KEX in 5mm steel rods. This trellis of infrastructural pioneer-lines is grown over with papier-mâché flesh, rendered with the participation of Viennese Society. (Like) children, we shall enflesh an outline for the swamp in the ink: it is a Worm in the guts of the KEX. This figure of the Worm itself has a scintillating gut-string center, for it has drawn out and swallowed the whole list of KEX’s electronic display equipment. This hefty collection of the means of instantiation is anchored like oysters onto the great ropey cable through the cavus of the worm husk.
This Frankenstein-Worm stuffed into the KEX, quivering for its switch to be thrown, comes alive with filmic artworks by Sophie Cundale, Steven Danzig, The Errorists, Doug Fishbone, Christian Graupner, Joulia Strauss, and Myriam Thyes. These works illuminate the cave with their representations, questions, and deployments of elaborate systems. One after the other the artworks seize embodiment from the entire audio-visual guts of the KEX. Then, together at last, they commandeer it to a cacophonic simultaneity smear.
During which time the viewer has recourse to the Sign Posts. They bear photographs, drawings, and photocopies made by Alex Hamilton, Sharon Green, Hannah Collins, Leah Carvell, Melissa Moore and Etcetera presents… Errorist International. These metaphor maps are nice and flat and full-frontal nodal to help you really spin the songs of the swamp into an oceanic lock-up moment of possible Garden Body.
[Hilary Koob-Sassen]
Anthony Auerbach, Eric Beltran & Jorge Satorre, Leah Carvell, Hannah Collins, Verity Combe, Sophie Cundale, Stephen Danzig, Etcétera…, Doug Fishbone, Christian Graupner, Sharon Green, Alex Hamilton, Claire Hooper, Paula Kane, Lisa Louttit, Michaela Math, Melissa Moore, Nomos, John Russell, Dallas Seitz, Tim Spooner, Eva Stenram, Joulia Strauss, Myriam Thyes, Bela Weiner

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