earthbound, 2009 from earthbound Pigment print 70 x 90cm, edition of 6 + AP

From 12 October to 12 November 2011 – Stills Gallery, Paddington

Stephanie Valentin’s fascination as an artist lies with the dynamic and shifting relationship between the forces of nature and culture. In Unseasonal, her new work considers the unsettling of our relationship to weather and its influence and how recent changes in the balance of natural systems and climate have permeated our perceptions and entered our experiences.

Many of the images have been created on location in and around the Murray River and its wetlands in South Australia. The sites she has chosen often show evidence of an environment in transition. Through staging small interventions within these landscapes Valentin orchestrates an overlapping of fiction and reality; where the interior spaces of the domestic, personal, or imaginary blur into the exterior realm of land, weather and its elements.

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