August 13 – September 18, 2010 – Gallery SPECTA
Back to Culture takes off with numerous textual woodcuts using the bird as a metaphor in a jumble of words, and creating a bunch of flapping black birds. The texts, which are bits and pieces from song lyrics, the internet, slang and sayings are absurd, paradoxical and ironic and present a complex idea of the relation between nature and culture. It is questionable if the bird in this context is about nature at all.

With a large sized landscape installation another space in the gallery will introduce a crossing between the classic gallery space and a museum of natural history. The large photo stats holding images of an artificial stoneage landscape, added a series of “natural” elements – stuffed animals and manipulated images of animals and bushes – show that going back to original nature is impossible, the experiment is a cultural idea. We find ourselves pretending nature, seeking the origin, but instead of Back to Nature we go Back to Culture!

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