Until the 26th of September – Centro de Arte Moderna
Clean Girl, Dirty Girl is the title of a series of works by Ana Vidigal dating from 2000, which has also naturally imposed itself as the title of this exhibition, since it represents a perfect synthesis of the thirty years of the artist’s work that this anthological exhibition seeks to rediscover.

The artistic production of Ana Vidigal (Lisbon, 1960) has always been connoted above all with painting, but this exhibition shows us that her work is by no means restricted to this one support; the artist herself used the expression “parallel work” to refer to that other more spatial dimension, which, at its most extreme, is also more experimental.

This anthology exhibition seeks to show the various dimensions of Vidigal’s work, because they are continuous and parallel and because, without the “parallel work”, her painting would certainly be completely different; between the “dirty” materials of painting and the “cleanliness” of the stationery and haberdashery equipment that she uses, there is a transit and a flow of someone who wants to upturn the pyramids of value and bring to the fore what is usually to be found in last place

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