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Daniel Milan, New Works – Copenhagen – Denmark

From August 3rd to August 26th 2012 – Danish Graphic artists

Daniel Milan exhibition presents a series of brand new and very detailed graphic work done on stone and copper. A representation of powerful relationships between people, twins, the snake, a cave with spears – beauty and …resolution.

Daniel Milan has previously been working in Bavaria, Japan and the Balkans and created series of almost anthropological character. The new images are created on the basis of a strong accumulation of experiences and relationships from a long stay in Uganda 2009-2011.

The works are conducted in the Faroe Graphic Workshop Steinprent in Torshavn and Schaefer Graphic Workshop in Copenhagen.

The first floor shows exclusively a memorial and tribute room of spectacular works of deceased artists that have influenced Daniel Milan artistic activities.

Danish Graphic artists

WAX – Sensation in Contemporary Sculpture – Copenhagen – Denmark

Oleg Kulik - Sportswoman. From the Museum series. 2002 Ekatarina and Vladimir Semenikhin's Foundation

February 5 to May 15, 2011 – Kunstforeningen Gl Strand – Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art

Horror, humour, fear and fascination are all reactions which the sensuous works of wax in this exhibition induce. Contemporary wax sculptures underline a new strategy in sculptural praxis which experiments with sensing, immediacy and dialogue. The international group exhibition: WAX SENSATION – NEW SENSUALISM IN CONTEMPORARY SCULPTURE gathers a number of the contemporary rising and acknowledged artists who all within the last couple of decades have contributed to a new sensory and sculptural principle, particularly through sculptures of wax. Among them are Vanessa Beecroft, Maurizio Cattelan, Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset, Robert Gober, Emil Westman Hertz, John Isaacs, Oleg Kulik, Anne Schneider, Gavin Turk, Brigitte Waldach and Andro Wekua.

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Hesselbjerg & Stærk, New works – Copenhagen – Denmark

Ann Sophie Stærk - In the House - 2011

From 7th January to 18 February 2011 – Rohde Contemporary

ROHDE CONTEMPORARY opens the 2011 season with new works by Marianne Hesselbjerg and Ann Sophie Stærk.
The minimalist works by Marianne Hesselbjerg challenge, in a brilliant way, the balance between sensual presence and the narrative. And explore sculptural issues as the relationship between mass and space, boundaries,course, structure and texture. On display at ROHDE CONTEMPORARY is a selection of new works in wood by Marianne Hesselbjerg as well as a few older works.
Ann Sophie Stærk has, under the title ‘Royal stardust Exposure’, created new explosive drawings and paintings. The NY based Danish artist takes with her characteristic color abundance, the viewer into her own dream world. She describes the works as dream souvenirs – where modernist and geometric structures are challenged by the historical and adventurous.

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Henriette Heise: There are pockets, she said – Copenhagen – Denmark

From the 13th of November 2010 to the 16th of January 2011 – Overgaden. Institute of Contemporary Art
This will be a rare opportunity to experience a solo-exhibition by Henriette Heise (b. 1965), who at Overgaden will present new site-specific works combined with already existing works. The exhibition will weave through Heise’s poetic and intriguing body of work that unfolds as a universe of disproportions, dreams, dark, fabric, and circles.

“The visual artist Henriette Heise works with graphics, fabric collage, film, the Internet, photography, posters, papier-maché, drawings … Actually I’m writing this myself, so I won’t pretend I’ve asked someone else to write it. I work collectively or alone, but always as part of a context. I think I am never alone; I am inspired by others – artists or just other people who give me a feeling of hope. I do screenings and exhibitions, just around the corner or round about in the world, but I won’t bore you with a detailed CV…
…It is my job to protect the fragile. My language is not powerful and that is probably what makes me listen for the fragile, almost language-less positions. In my artistic work it is my ambition, critically and poetically, to expand the language, the modes of seeing and sensibilities we use to interpret and represent the world. My practice and work production unfold in a labyrinthine universe in the space between institutional exhibitions and free-floating Internet projects. My works are not conclusions, but points along the way in an exploratory process.”   Henriette Heise

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Svend-Allan Sørensen, Back to Culture – Copenhagen – Denmark

August 13 – September 18, 2010 – Gallery SPECTA
Back to Culture takes off with numerous textual woodcuts using the bird as a metaphor in a jumble of words, and creating a bunch of flapping black birds. The texts, which are bits and pieces from song lyrics, the internet, slang and sayings are absurd, paradoxical and ironic and present a complex idea of the relation between nature and culture. It is questionable if the bird in this context is about nature at all.

With a large sized landscape installation another space in the gallery will introduce a crossing between the classic gallery space and a museum of natural history. The large photo stats holding images of an artificial stoneage landscape, added a series of “natural” elements – stuffed animals and manipulated images of animals and bushes – show that going back to original nature is impossible, the experiment is a cultural idea. We find ourselves pretending nature, seeking the origin, but instead of Back to Nature we go Back to Culture!

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