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Paz Errázuriz’s photography – Madrid – Spain

Evelyn I, Santiago, from the series Adam’s apple, 1987 Gelatin-silver print Daros Latin America Collection, Zürich

Evelyn I, Santiago, from the series Adam’s apple, 1987
Gelatin-silver print
Daros Latin America Collection, Zürich


Until February 28th, 2016 – FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE Bárbara de Braganza – Exhibition Hall
Paz Errázuriz’s photography emerged in her native country, Chile, in the first half of the 1970s in a political context dominated by the brutality of the Pinochet dictatorship.


Her first steps were influenced by an extremely tense and uncertain social situation which affected the lives of opponents of the coup d’êtat. Going out on the street with a camera was risky for anyone aiming to capture events as they happened and was also perceived as a threat by the military regime. It was even less common to see a woman undertaking the type of investigations characteristic of photography.

In 1980 Paz Errázuriz presented her first solo exhibition, entitled Personas [People], at the Instituto Chileno-Norteamericano in Santiago. The following year she and some fellow photographers co-founded the Asociación de Fotógrafos independientes (AFI).

Miss Piggy II, Santiago, from the series The circus, 1984 Vintage gelatin-silver print Courtesy of the artist

Miss Piggy II, Santiago, from the series The circus, 1984
Vintage gelatin-silver print
Courtesy of the artist

During that dark period, Errázuriz’s self-taught photographic gaze focused on homeless people sleeping rough, scraping a living or destitute. This series, Los dormidos [The sleepers], offers a notably unheroic vision of the country, immersed in poverty. Also at that time and throughout the 1980s, Errázuriz turned her inquisitive eye on the lifestyles of the country’s wealthy classes, who displayed their fortunes in the areas of Las Condes and La Dehesa in Santiago.

Fundacion Mapfre

Latin American and Spanish artists in New York – Washington DC

© Dulce Pinzón. "Spiderman"

From February 16 to May 20, 2012 – Art Museum of the Americas

Ñew York, featuring works by young, outstanding Latin American and Spanish artists residing in New York City commemorates a long lost artistic exchange and recovers innovative communication channels between Latin American and Spanish plastic and visual artists.  The exhibition incorporates New York City as the current setting where these creative forces re-encounter themselves.

The exhibition addresses mobility in an era of widespread displacement where barriers between the global and the local are broken down. Motion (mobility), emotion (personal artistic work) and promotion (promote and advance the careers of expat artists) are all addressed throughout the show.

The artists were selected based on their accomplishments, artistic careers and their approach to concepts of mobility, migration and cultural exchange, all intrinsic to a city where new ideas, experiences and diversity converge.

© Sol Aramendi. "Welcome to My Hood" (2011)

urated by Paco Cano, Eva Mendoza Chandas and Jodie Dinapoli (all from Spain), Ñew York showcases the work of 19 artists from 10 countries from Latin America and Spain -all based in New York – who have made this city the gravitating force of their artistic discourse.

Sol Aramendi (Argentina)
Julieta Aranda (Mexico)
Ada Bobonis (Puerto Rico)
Alberto Borea (Peru)
Antón Cabaleiro (Spain)
Juanma Carrillo (Spain)
Nicky Enright (Ecuador)
Félix Fernández (Spain)
Jessica Lagunas (Guatemala)
Abigail Lazkoz (Spain)
Lluis Lleó (Spain)
Manuel Molina Martagón (Mexico)
Esperanza Mayobre (Venezuela)
Carlos Motta (Colombia)
Iván Navarro (Chile)
Dulce Pinzón (Mexico)
Fernando Renes (Spain)
José Ruíz (Peru)
Manuela Viera-Gallo (Chile)


Carlos Cruz Diez: The Embodied Experience of Color – Miami

Until the 20th of June at the Miami Art Museum
Carlos Cruz Diez: The Embodied Experience of Color explores the artist’s pioneering contribution to the experimental practices that emerged in the decades of the Sixties and Seventies that proposed the dematerialization of the object to create participatory environment that involved the body, senses and subjectivity of the spectator, turning the viewer into a participant in the art work.
The exhibition will feature Cromosaturación (Chromosaturation), a site-specific environment designed by the artist that focuses on the relationship between color and perception. Initially conceived in 1965 and presented for the first time in 1968 in the Ostwald Museum in Dortmund, Germany, this work consists of three separate color chambers infused with red, green and blue light. The real content of this work is the visitor’s experience of walking through the shifting chromatic space and interacting over time through his physical movement.
In addition, the exhibition will also include three other participatory works, Duchas de inducción cromática (Showers of Chromatic Induction) 1968, one of the artist’s first experiments with the idea of color in space, where color is experienced via a series of booths in the shape of showers made with strips of transparent colored plastic; Ambiente cromointerferente (Chromo-interferent Environment), 1974,  a changing, three-dimensional chromatic projection environment activated by the physical movement of the spectator/participant; and Experiencia cromática aleatoria interactiva  (Aleatory Interactive Chromatic Experience), 1995, an interactive computer installation that allows the spectator to create his own visual interpretation of Cruz Diez’ work.

Although Cruz Diez’ oeuvre is well known throughout Europe and Latin America, it is not as well recognized in the United States. The exhibition seeks to increase the understanding and appreciation of his work in this country.  In his experimentation with color and perceptual structures, Cruz Diez proposed new definitions for the art work as a habitable environment and a field of active participation through the use of light, movement and space.  The exhibition will be an occasion not only for the audience to get to know the work of one of Venezuela’s most celebrated artists and it will also provide an opportunity for challenging public discussions about interactive and participatory art.
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